Land Division

Here at Mattsson & Martyn Surveyors we pride ourselves on our customer service and expertise in helping guide our clients through the complex world of land divisions.

We are here to assist you every step of the way – from initial consultation to completion of the project. Our experienced staff will investigate the development potential of your property and inform you of any foreseeable planning issues that may arise.

Whether you are an experienced land developer or are new to the land division process, we have the expertise and experience required to achieve the maximum potential from your land investment.

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Prior to undertaking a new land division Mattsson & Martyn complete a thorough search of relevant plans and specific council requirements to come up with an up to date pricing guideline for the surveying and land division process.

After receiving the authority to proceed with the land division from our client, Mattsson & Martyn will then complete a proposed land division plan which is lodged to the DAC (Development Assessment Commission) and the local council will examine the division application. After the council has reviewed the division application they will likely either approve the division subject to certain conditions being met (such as demolition of existing structures, payment of fees, completion of survey plan) or request further information (such as house designs, internal layout, carparking).

Once the approval from council has been received the next stage of the development process is to satisfy the conditions of approval and then Mattsson & Martyn are able to lodge the final plan of division with the Land Titles Office. There are a multitude of factors that can affect the timeframe and costs involved with a land division and we at Mattsson & Martyn will do everything within our power to locate any potential issues during the initial searching and quoting phase.

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